Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sharp-shinned Hawk

This magnificent hawk was in a tree by my house yesterday when we went for a walk. Glad I had my camera! The first two pictures are mine, the one below is a stock photo so you can see his true colors. He had a small bird in his talons which you cannot see. He is known as the "bird hawk" since that is what his diet consists of. Note in the picture below, he is on a bird feeder -- they like to hang around bird feeders, to feed on birds, not seeds. I see many Red-tailed Hawks around, but I have never seen this type of bird and felt I had to share, even though my photos aren't that great.


Small City Scenes said...

I have yet to see the sharp-shinned Hawk. Mostly just the Red-tailed and the Northern Harrier. Super pictures you took.

K--Ka--reee I see you know the red wing. YAY!!


Lachezar said...

Beautiful creature indeed! Lucky to see it and photograph it!

Bill S. said...

On, the beauty of a sharp-shinned slicing through the trees attacking lunch. Beautiful pictures.

Daily Chicago Photo said...

I have not seen a Sharp-Shinned Hawk. It's a nice looking bird. Very nice photos -- I, too am glad you had your camera.