Friday, May 23, 2008

Ronald McDonald is sinking?

Help! Save Ronald from sinking into McDonalds! Maybe he ate too many hamburgers, too. See previous Big Boy post.


Rachel E. Adams said...

What's the deal with McD's today? You, Saint Louis and a Dallas Texas all posted pictures of that today. All very eye catching, but is there a theme day I don't know about?

Bibi said...

Just saw the photo and was going to comment as Rachel did! I think Ronald NcDonald is kind of creepy..and he scares me a little, but this is really a neat photo of him waving (to me in a sinister fashion...) over the top of his fast-food restaurant!

Kelly K said...

I agree -- sinister is the right word. . . there was no theme day that I was aware of . . . thanks for the comments!